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The Pampelonne beach: photos, description (Pampelonne beach)

The Pampelonne beach on the coast of Saint-Tropez is not only a place for relaxation under the sun. There is also a very important part of social life of this upscale resort, it hosts the biggest and brightest parties.

The popularity of this section of the coast began with the appearance here of the crew of the Director Roger Vadim and a rising star of French film actress Brigitte Bardot. In 1956 a film crew arrives in Saint-Tropez to shoot the movie "And God created woman in which Bardot played the role, who became her first celebrity. Prior to that, the future of European sex symbol starred in as many as seventeen films since 1952. Shooting in Saint-Tropez has brought changes in the personal life of the actress - she divorced Roger Vadim and began to live a civil marriage with Jean-Louis Trintignant, with whom he played in the film "And God created woman".

Crew was accompanied by many friends and acquaintances involved in the art world, which quickly carried news of the picturesque resort throughout France, creating him the aura of Paradise.

The Pampelonne beach is situated in the southern part of Saint-Tropez, its length is about six kilometers. It is covered with white sand and divided into zones, designed for naturists and ordinary tourists. In total there are 21 parts, each of which has its own special activities. Around the beach has all necessary facilities for leisure and entertainment infrastructure - comfortable hotels, numerous cafes and restaurants, boutiques, Nightclubs, the Marina and the conditions for practicing water sports.

The Pampelonne beach is considered one of the best beaches not only in France but throughout the world, it enjoys great popularity among young people.