/ / The underground Basilica. Pius X: photo, description Basilique Saint-Pie-X)

The underground Basilica. Pius X: photo, description Basilique Saint-Pie-X)

Basilica of St. Pius X underground Church, which is part of the ensemble of the sanctuary of the virgin Mary in Lourdes. This temple was built in 1958, exactly one hundred years after the apparition of the virgin to the young woman in the grotto Massabielle. Only the virgin Mary appeared to Bernadette Soubirous 18 times, and this occurred in 1858, from February to July.

After ten years on the rock above the grotto Massabielle was built the first Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (1871). Then she added the Basilica of our lady of the rosary (1889), both of the temple is currently perceived as one building, the majestic and soaring.

The underground Basilica was erected after the above-ground churches could no longer accommodate all those wishing to pray here. Construction on the new Basilica began to pay great attention to its decoration, but made it very roomy - up to 25 thousand people. Basic material was not stone, and concrete. A special feature of this Basilica is its location - under the earth, and below the level of the river gave de Pau. The author of this unique project was the architect Pierre Vago. However, despite all the calculations and the reliability of the design in 2013, the Basilica was flooded during the flood.

The area of this temple is more than 12 thousand square meters. The height of the walls is ten feet. The width of the temple - more than 60 meters, length - more than 190. Inside you can see the statue of our lady and an altar with a crucifix and image of the Burning Bush. The Basilica was consecrated by Pope Pius X, who established the feast of our lady of Lourdes, celebrated by Catholics on February 11.

In addition to the three basilicas, the sanctuary in Lourdes include the Church of St. Bernadette (1988), the baths and pump room, located next to the grotto Massabielle, the area of the processions which celebrated holidays dedicated to our lady and Saint Bernadette.