/ / Peninsula Sise: photos, description (Cap Sicie)

Peninsula Sise: photos, description (Cap Sicie)

Peninsula Sicie is part of Toulon massif, located in the South of France, Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. It is the lowest vertex of the represented, its height is only 358 meters. Also Sise Peninsula is one of the most southern mountain formations of the entire region.

Interestingly the origins of this geographical object. Some sources claim that this word is of Greek origin and was used to denote the cold sea wind known as the Mistral. However, according to others, "cise" is a modified version of another word, this time in Latin and having the value of "dry soil". In principle, both options are true.

The rocks that make up the geological picture of the Peninsula were very ancient, the oldest minerals was formed over 550 million years ago. By the way, this area is really different arid soils. The rivers here are filled with moisture of the rainy season - in autumn and winter, sometimes even snow.

The region has a unique set of flora and fauna, although not very rich. Long valley thickets of thorn bushes, and in some places is found the forest strip, represented mainly by coniferous trees.

The massif Sise is one interesting attraction is the ancient chapel dedicated to the virgin Mary and known as Notre-Dame-de-Gard. According to legend, in 1625, lightning struck the nearby watchtower Tour de garde, and the fire started, but none were at that time in the fortress, was not injured. Local people felt that the virgin Mary saved them from certain death, and 7 years later was erected this chapel.

Also, there were traces of a military battery built in 1870, which was used during the Second world war by German soldiers.