/ / Port Min: photos, description (Port des Minimes)

Port Min: photos, description (Port des Minimes)

In the resort town of La Rochelle has several ports. The first of these, the Old port, the historic center of the city, which attracts tourists with towers, preserved from the medieval fortifications of the city and streets which are located near the port. They built houses from half-timbered houses and mansions in the Renaissance style. To such streets, for example, include du Palais, Mercier, Fromentin and others. At the end of last century, La Rochelle was built deep-water port, which can come in numerous modern vessels - both cargo and passenger.

Also in La Rochelle there are ports for fishing boats and tourist yachts. The last port of Minimes, which is the largest on the European coast of the Atlantic ocean as a port for yachts and small boats. In the Old port of La Rochelle also moored tourist boats, but where would he be compared with the Minimum port capacity. The port of Minimes and can accommodate up to 3.5 thousand yachts and boats.

In the vicinity of the port Minimes, you can find several interesting museums. Moving from the Old port in the side of the Minim, guests La Rochelle in fall quarter Gabyu - district, which earlier was settled by fishermen, but today there are bars and restaurants. In these places is the city aquarium, which is also considered one of the largest in Europe, and the Maritime Museum. The aquarium is nearly 60 swimming pools, some of aquariums arranged in the form of amphitheatres, and at the Maritime Museum, which is located under the open sky, the old frigate, the trawler and other vessels. In addition, there are two more fun Museum - room, and thumbnail. Stored in the first mechanical toys, and in the second - models of cars, ships and even a train station in La Rochelle.

Between the Old port and port Minim ply marine boat and bus. Next to the port is Minimal and the beach bearing the same name.