/ / The port-Museum of Douarnenez: photo description (Port-musée de Douarnenez)

The port-Museum of Douarnenez: photo description (Port-musée de Douarnenez)

Port Rhu is one of the three ports of Douarnenez, who currently represents the Maritime Museum under the open sky. It is located close to Tristan, and it is possible to see more than a hundred different ships for different purposes, were created at different times and walked the seas and oceans under the flags of different countries. The Museum was opened in 1993.

On Board some of these items the tourists can even climb up - for example, to climb on Board historic tug or fishing vessel which caught the tuna or lobster. Also in this Museum you can see sailboats, barges, ship repair yard, to take a boat trip or take part in a master class on knitting of knots.

Two more ports in the Bay of Douarnenez are the names of Romer and Treboul. The first is fishing and is included in the "top ten" of the largest in the country, here is a fish processing plant. The second port Treboul - taking sports and pleasure vessels. Tribulum also was named one of three villages that were included in Douarnenez in 1945. From Trebula in neighboring camper at the end of the nineteenth century even went the train, but in the 70-80-ies of the last century was first closed passenger transport, and then cargo.