/ / Port Museum: photos, description (Musee portuaire de Dunkerque)

Port Museum: photos, description (Musee portuaire de Dunkerque)

The story of Dunkirk, a former fishing village, has always been tied to the sea. Today, this city is the third largest port in France.

The story of Dunkirk in detail are presented in the expositions of two city museums - military and port. In the first you can see the including materials about the famous operation Dynamo evacuation of allied troops in may-June 1940. In the port the Museum presents the part of life Dunkirk, which is associated with the development of navigation and fishing fishing.

One of the exhibits of the Museum PORTAR three - masted sailing ship "Duchesse Anne" which is in the port of Dunkirk on the eternal joke. This ship is a symbol of Dunkirk and has the status of historical monument. The vessel was built in Germany as a training ship and was launched in 1901. Before the Second world war he went under the name "Grand Duchess Elizabeth", and after the war went to France and was renamed. In the second half of the twentieth century, the ship was twice written off for scrap, but it was bought for a symbolic sum of one franc and reconstructed. Restored sailboat since 1982 is in the port of Dunkirk, and tourists climb on Board since the late 90s.

In addition to the "Duchess Anne" in the port Museum, you can see other vessels belonging to different eras, lots of photographs, documents, maps, marine literature. The Museum often hosts a variety of events and activities he participates in the annual "Night of museums". The Museum is recommended for a family visit, as the exhibits will be of interest not only adults but also children.

In Dunkirk Museum PORTAR is located on the waterfront of the Citadel.