/ / Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas: a photo, description Eglise russe de Saint-Nicolas)

Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas: a photo, description Eglise russe de Saint-Nicolas)

Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas was founded in Lyon, representatives of the Russian community that immigrated in France after the revolution of 1917.

The first temple, founded in 1928, was located in a wooden building on the street Drum. He was named after the famous Saint, as well as the memory of the shot with the family of the Emperor Nicholas II. The first rector of the Church was father Victor (Pushkin), a former regimental chaplain.

In 1937 the temple, most likely because of arson, burned down completely. Its restoration began only two years later - for the construction of a stone building chose a new place on the Rue Sainte-Genevieve. The temple was created according to the project of immigrant Sergey Bazdreva. The construction of the temple was conducted by the rector and parishioners collected donations, the work was done in the evenings and on the weekend, so the construction advanced very slowly. Even during the Second world war, despite the bombing and lack of funds, the work continued. Interior of the temple was continued in the postwar period. The consecration of the Church took place in may 1946.

In the 1970-ies in the temple after the collapse of the ceiling was repaired. Towards the end of the last century around the Church grew, residential neighborhoods, and when near him was opened, the underground station, the number of parishioners increased. One of the icons of the Church dedicated to the Holy St. Irenaeus of Lyons, Bishop of Lyon, martyred for the faith in the year 202.

The Church of St. Nicholas in Lyon not characterized by a rich decoration and original architecture, but it is called a monument to the first wave of emigration and a symbol of love for the Orthodox faith.

In Lyon there are also other Russian Orthodox churches - for example, the Church of St. John the Russian.