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Pradel: photos, description (Pradelles)

Pradel, a picturesque medieval village situated to the South of the centre of France, in the Auvergne region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to just over 600 people.

The first mention of the settlement refers to the year 965, then here a Church was built, consecrated in honor of the early Gallic Martyr, Andera. However, the greatest impact Pradel acquired in the XVII century. In 1512, in the land formerly belonging to the monastery hospital of St. James, was found the statue of the blessed virgin Mary. The story of its origin is unknown, but twice, in 1586 and 1588 years she was able to protect the village from big troubles - destructive fire and the attack of the army of the Huguenots. The statue was declared miraculous, in 1608, the city was founded the Dominican monastery, and rushed here pilgrims from across the country. It is known that one girl, visiting Notre Dame de Pradel, gained the ability to walk, but after her healing she became a nun. Virgin Mary statue destroyed during the French revolution, but was restored.

The Church of Notre-Dame de Pradel was completed in 1613, together with the Dominican monastery, but of the other monastic buildings have not survived. Another surviving religious building - a small chapel of the XVII century. But the city has preserved numerous stone mansions and rich houses XV-XVI centuries, is decorated with exquisite Gothic facades. In addition, you can see traces of the medieval ramparts and fortifications, presented in the form of two input gates and towers. They were erected in the XIII century. Yet throughout the city there are numerous old fountains.

Due to its picturesque location and authentic appearance, Pradel has become quite popular among tourists. So there were a lot of hotels, apartments and places for camping and fishing.