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Provins: photo description (Provins)

In the Middle ages, Provins lived a cheerful life: minted its own coins (projansky denier) and organized fairs. His thought was as important a city as Paris or Rouen. Its population is several times less people, than it was then, but the town in the beginning of this century was recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

A time of prosperity for Provins became the XII-XIII century, when fair, held twice a year, bringing in large revenues to the Treasury and allowed the construction. While around the city in the Western part was erected sturdy walls and tower of Caesar, instead of the old one and are not as durable previous defenses. Tower served in the first place, the function of patrol, and also served as a prison. In the XVI century it was reconstructed, and in the XVII-th in her upper bells were installed, moved from a collapsed bell tower of the Church of St. Cyriacus.

The Church itself is situated near a tower, it was built in the XVI century on the site of the temple, built in the eleventh century. In the Church building several times work was carried out affecting its appearance, the latter was produced after the Second world war, when it was restored the dome of the Church.

In addition to the Church of St. Cyriacus, in the city you can see two more of the Church Yule, originating in the XI century and the Church of Sainte-Croix, built from the XII to XVI century. Both temples were nationalized during the French revolution, one of them was a stables and a barracks and another factory for the production of nitrate, which was then transformed into the temple of the Supreme Mind - the new cult of the revolutionaries.

Another of the notable places of Provins, the city's rose garden, created in the middle of the last century. Its revival started a few years ago, and now in this garden there are about three hundred varieties of roses, including the rose of Provins", introduced in France in the XIII century.
The history of the city presented in the local Museum, which is located in the building of the so-called Roman house. It was built in the tenth century and is therefore considered the oldest urban structure.

Every June Provins, performances in the spirit of the middle Ages, during which guests are not only jousting, but also scenes from the life of ordinary provinces.