/ / Promenade du paillon: photo, description, (Promenade du Paillon)

Promenade du paillon: photo, description, (Promenade du Paillon)

The paillon promenade, the phenomenon to be nice so new that on Google maps yet. Opening in late October 2013, a huge green area on the Western border of the Old town is the largest event in the last century.

The promenade stretches from the National theatre of nice to the North to place masséna in the South, then he goes to the garden albert I facing the sea. This area lies over the main channel of the river paillon nice that originates in the Maritime Alps.

The river is a small (36 kilometers), but at the time, nice has undergone from her many recurring floods have led to devastating floods. During the quiet periods of walled embankment, the channel was shallow, laundresses washed clothes here. In the second half of the XIX century began a gradual conclusion of the river in the buried pipe, 1972, disappeared last bridge in the alignment of streets Barla. The river has completely gone underground. In its place arose the questionable architecture of the bus station and Parking.

Energetic mayor of nice Christian Estrosi suggested that the programme of modernization of the city to make this area a promenade with trees, lawns, Playground areas and fountains. The work lasted two years. October 26, 2013 at place masséna, in front of a huge curtain at the entrance to the garden, gathered thousands of citizens. On special monitors, they saw the mayor and a girl in national dress open the gate. Curtain fell, the music of Vivaldi hit the fountains, admiring townspeople moved along the paths of the boardwalk.

See there really is something. Twelve hectares of the "Green stream", also known as the array, are divided into several parts. In the first, in place of the old fountain in the city is a huge area with dozens of water jets, covered with a thin layer of water to walk in the heat. Next is a huge lawn where you can walk. Then he located the square with the monument to the native of nice, Napoleonic Marshal Andre Massena. The nicest one is the last sector in which - children's play area, swings, slides, and fountains.

Specially manufactured from resistant to the vicissitudes of the weather red cedar a huge figure: the skeleton of a whale with a length of 37 meters, octopus, turtles, dolphins. The kids love it crawling on him. A special device generates a cloud of cold fog, through which to pass the summer. From hidden speakers comes the sound of singing birds.

Promenade du paillon thoroughly changed the face of nice, which, oddly enough, not so many greens. It is now one of the most popular vacation spots. Here attracts thousands of tourists and residents.

Order here day and night watching a lot of web cameras high definition and the special brigade for the protection order. In the Park is forbidden to drink alcohol. By nightfall the boardwalk is closed. Explaining the decision, mayor Estrosi said that the new green area should belong to citizens, not "someone else". Perhaps he was referring to Gypsies who have tried to occupy the municipal stadium of nice, local authorities gave them back.