/ / Bird island, (Ile aux Oiseaux)

Bird island, (Ile aux Oiseaux)

Bird island is called the land in the centre of the Bassin d'arcachon. The name he got as the locations of migratory birds, and the tourists, if they have an interest in the birds life, can visit this place during excursions. Excursions to the island are conducted from the beginning of the last century. Around the island are also located plantation oyster farms, where they grow these favorite gourmet shellfish. In addition, Bird island is a protected object of nature since 2008.

Once on location on the island, according to one version, was a sand dune. Another hypothesis is that there was a sandbar that formed over the ocean, sand and wind. Area Bird Islands depends on the tide - when exposed bottom of the Bay, it is increased to about a thousand acres. When the water returns, the land "shrinks" up to 300 ha. In the history of the island there are also cases when it is fully flooded during severe storms, but it was in the early eighteenth and late nineteenth centuries.

On the island the houses are built on stilts, which are also called cabins. The first such hut was built over a century ago and belonged to Martin Piero, the owner of the oyster farm. From construction there were only the piles, and the cabin "pulled" the pillars of a strong storm in 1943. Two years after this another hut was built by the carpenter of Arcachon, and it still stands in its place. Currently the huts on stilts, and they are considered a symbol not only of the island but of the entire Bassin d'arcachon.

In addition to huts, the island is a biological research station, founded in 1948. In the Bay of Arcachon is also an ornithological reserve of Le Teich. Bird island administratively belongs to the commune of La Teste-de-Buch.