/ / Puan Croisette: photos, description (Pointe Croisette)

Puan Croisette: photos, description (Pointe Croisette)

Puan Croisette is highly jutting into the sea Cape in the Eastern part of Cannes. There comes the famous La Croisette.

And Cape, and the waterfront is so named because when it passed the "Path of small cross". It was the pilgrims who were heading to the island of St Honor, Lerinski monastery (crouseto Provencal and means "the small cross"). One urban legend says that here on the Cape, during the struggle against the Saracens, the Muslims had erected a cross.

In 1929, at the end of the "roaring twenties", when France was enjoying post-war prosperity in the South Pacific area, Puan Croisette was built, luxurious casino, palm beach (existing so far). Great complex - pool with sea water, private beach, restaurants, bars, night club attracted a lot of celebrities. There were Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, Maurice Chevalier, John D. Rockefeller, the Sultan of Morocco. Oddly enough, noisy neighborhood, did not prevent the area to remain a semblance of a village there can be found, for example, Charles Aznavour, playing peacefully with the locals at petanque before going to the casino.

Now, of course, the area has grown, villas and private houses gave way to high-rise buildings, not all of the neighbors know each other, as it was a century ago, but Puan Croisette so far as if separated from the rest of Cannes. Residents say that can exist in isolation: there are shops, churches, promenades and ports for yachts and boats, what more do you need?

On the Cape three marinas: the West port Pierre Canto in the East, - Moore in baton Rouge, to the South of the harbour, Puan Croisette. It is natural for the Maritime city, whose inhabitants can not imagine life without the ability to go to sea in your own boat. In some marinas, we are working to improve them.

And the citizens and tourists enjoy a walk in the Park named after may 8, 1945. Flowerbeds with roses and shaded benches surrounding the center of the square where is placed the cross of Lorraine - a symbol of Resistance. Nearby, on Boulevard Alexandre III, you can admire the Catholic Church of Notre-Dame-de-Pin or Orthodox Archangel Michael.

In 2010, on the southern tip of the Cape, at the place where the pilgrims went to Lerinski monastery, the city unveiled the memorial cross, erected in memory of the crouseto. Close to Parking, beach, casino, but the cross against the sea and Islands of Lerins reminds us of the history of the city.