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Drunk: photos, description (Piana)

Municipality Drunk - not just a village, it is marked with the status of one of the most beautiful villages of France. Administratively it belongs to the Department of South Corsica Corsica and is situated near the village of Porto. In the municipality reside less than five hundred. One of the attractions of the village is the Church of the XVIII century, and next to the village is the cave. The village Drunk and her neighborhood is usually quiet, calm and contemplative recreation.

The main attraction for which to visit the small Corsican municipality Drunk, is a national Park Calanques de Piana with the unique creation of nature - cliffs-Calanques.

These rocks are also called sculptures created by nature. The height of these cliffs reach up to three hundred meters, they are composed of stones pink and yellow colors and you can change its colors depending on changes in solar illumination. In the presence of rich imagination in the contours of the rocks you can see images of bizarre animals or mythological creatures. Over the appearance of the rocks bothered time, wind and sea water, which gives the stones, these strange forms. Reserve kalenkov is a deep rocky valley, the bed of which is filled with clean sea water. Since 1983, the Calanques was recognized as a natural monument, protected by UNESCO, also has gained a reputation as one of the symbols of the whole of Corsica.