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Pujol: photos, description (Pujols)

Pujol is a picturesque old village on the South-West of France, Aquitaine region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are three and a half thousand people.

Pujol is exactly in the middle between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the distance to both cities is 150 km. The settlement stands on a cliff overlooking the lot valley, the maximum altitude above sea level is 211 meters.

About the local medieval castle first mentioned in 1259, however, it is evident that it existed even much earlier. Rather, it was badly destroyed during the crusade against the Albigenses in 1229. Pujol was in the possession of the counts of Toulouse, and lost his influence with the extinction of their kind. However, in the XVI century began a kind of revival of the city was opened here a collegiate Church, and still has many mansions and rich houses of the same time. Interestingly, they represent both stone and wooden structures - the famous half-timbered houses.

Among the attractions in the first place it is worth noting the Gothic collegiate Church of St. Nicholas. It was built in 1457, and served as the castle chapel, but in 1547 was enlarged and converted into a collegiate Church. In the crypt of the Cathedral buried señores de Pujol. The temple is crowned by a three-storey bell tower, on the ground floor which was opened observation deck.

The city has many religious buildings, many of which were built in the XIII century, but to have survived already in converted form. Especially noteworthy is the Church of Sainte-Foy built in the XVI century and is famous for its ancient paintings, which were discovered only in the XIX century.

As for the medieval citadel, already in the XIX century, from residential constructions remained only ruins, but parts of the fortification are preserved. Presents a powerful and low towers are a typical example of defensive architecture of the XIII century.