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Puycelsi photo, description Puycelsi)

The municipality of Puycelsi is one of the most beautiful villages of France. It is located in the tarn Department in the region MIDI - pyrénées. One of the neighbouring cities - Albi (the administrative center of the district in which it is located in 35 kilometers from Puycelsi, a greater distance separates the commune of Toulouse. The municipality has about five hundred people.

Settlement on the site of the modern commune existed in the days of Celts and Romans, about the time preserved its name, albeit in a modified form. In translation it sounded like "a wooden fortress built on a hill," and in Roman as "Podium Celsium".

In the X century the village was a fortified settlement - the town, which remained to defend the village wall and the layout of the streets within them. About the same time the castle was built, which was destroyed in the first half of the XIII century and XIV century, the village more than once was exposed to attacks and sieges.

Until the early twentieth century lived in the village four to five times more people than now, but after two world wars it almost empty. Only in the second half of the last century with the development of tourism life in puycelsi managed to revive.

Within it are preserved several medieval sites which have been recognized as monuments of history. Among them are fragments of fortifications (tower gate and remnants of walls Dating from the XIII century bridge, built a century later, and the chapel of St. Julian, built in the XV century.