/ / City hall of Amboise: photo description (Hotel de ville)

City hall of Amboise: photo description (Hotel de ville)

Perhaps the most important factor that can attract the attention of Russian tourists to the city hall of Amboise - the fact that there are guns involved in the duel of Alexander Pushkin and Georges d'anthes.

The guns belonged to the son of the French Ambassador Ernest de Barant, friend of the Viscount d Arsiaga, which was the second Dantes. After the fateful duel on the Black river in 1837 the weapon several times changed its owners until it was purchased by a collector, collecting anything that had to do with the history of the mail. The pistols were connected with the history of mail through Alexander Pushkin, who wrote the story "the stationmaster". Weapons for many years was kept in the postal Museum in Amboise and even exported to the Soviet Union to participate in the exhibition. The French President françois Mitterrand even wanted to make a diplomatic gesture and send them to Mikhail Gorbachev during his visit to the country, but the inhabitants of Amboise have resisted this and defended the city relic. Later, the postal Museum was closed, and guns stored in the safe of the city hall. By the way, in Amboise there is a square named after the great Russian poet, for her there is a memorial plate with the dates of his birth and death. As a souvenir from Amboise to give candy of local production called "Pushkin".

The town hall building in Amboise was built in 1505, it stands on the waterfront among the other houses of the medieval buildings. When the town hall is a Museum that holds documents and other exhibits telling about the history of Amboise, works of art, including part of the exhibition dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, antique furniture and tapestries from Aubusson. Town hall Museum is open to visitors during the summer months.