/ / Hall van: photos, description Hotel de ville de Vannes)

Hall van: photos, description Hotel de ville de Vannes)

City of van is situated North-West from the historical centre of the medieval town of wana, West France, Brittany region. It is the middle of the square Maurice March. Previously there was the border of the city walls. The area for a long time was a market, town or area of Napoleon Bonaparte, and its present name she received in honor of Maurice the March, the mayor of the city during the Second world war and the Liberation of France. Since 2013, the March area is a pedestrian zone.

Hall itself was built in the years 1880-1886. This is not the first city hall, erected in this city. The town hall of the XIX century have replaced the more ancient building which was demolished because of its dilapidated condition, unfit for the building of the Council of the Prefecture. It should be noted that the old town hall was in another place, still within the Old city of van. The building was left only an old staircase, which is now exhibited in the courtyard of the mansion de Limur. However, preserved several photographs of the early XX century, depicting the old town hall.

New town hall designed in the neo-Renaissance style and its appearance resembles the Paris Hotel de Ville. Eye-catching with its bright decoration of the main facade parts like the other two wings of the building. On the facade housing the clock, and its triangular pediment, the city's coat of arms. Over the whole architectural complex stands an elegant bell tower with Carillon, a kind of alarm resembling a medieval tower. Also the powerful facade is decorated with Corinthian columns, medallions and busts of statesmen and other elements.