/ / Town hall of Lille: photo, description Hotel de ville de Lille)

Town hall of Lille: photo, description Hotel de ville de Lille)

The building of the Lille town hall was not yet a hundred years, but it is, in addition that houses the office of the city administration, holds a large collection of contemporary art and hosts visitors.

The building was built in the first half of the twentieth century after the First world war, in the years which had destroyed the old town hall. The works lasted eight years - from 1924 to 1932. Architect Emil Dubisson chose to implement this project the Flemish style, and as a basic material - concrete. The same material was used to create the sculptures, which are located at the base of the tower near the town hall. Their author is sculptor Carl Carbazole, and hewn them by the author's technology, the characters Lyderic and the giant Phinaert, heroes of legend about the Foundation of Lille.

Near the town hall is a tower with a height of about 105 meters, which is a symbol of political and economic influence of the capital of the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais. In addition, it is the tallest tower in the region. Placed on the tower clock, a powerful spotlight and on television and radio antenna. Both buildings in the beginning of this century was recognized as historical monuments: the town hall, the national, and the tower - a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The interior of the town hall and the tower is decorated with paintings by contemporary artists - these works adorn the corridors, halls and stairways. The selection of works by Lille officials approached with humor - one of the paintings, which depicts the history of the city, made in the genre of the comic book, its author, the artist, Erro.

To see the collection of contemporary art, and, watch, in working conditions of municipal employees of Lille, during a guided tour, although more recently, curious tourists such opportunities were denied.