/ / Town hall of Lyon: photo, description Hotel de ville de Lyon)

Town hall of Lyon: photo, description Hotel de ville de Lyon)

The first building of the city hall in the second half of the XVII century transformed Lyon Terreaux square beyond recognition - trading and as a consequence dirty, she became the administrative centre of Lyon. On Terreaux square out the building facade, designed by architect Simon Openam.

However, the long efforts of builders (the work was done from 1646 to 1672) very soon went to pieces - just two years after the completion of construction, the fire caused so serious damage that required restoration.

The architect this time was a master of the Baroque, a hereditary architect and court architect of Louis XIV, Jules Hardouin-Mansart. The architect was assisted by his pupil Robert de Cotes. Thanks to their efforts, the facade of the town hall is adorned with numerous sculptures. At its center is an image of Henry IV on horseback, however, before the revolution there riding sat the sun king Louis XIV. On the city hall tower you can see two female figures representing the rivers saône and rhône. Tower hall also houses a Carillon of 65 bells, one of the largest in Europe. Bas-reliefs and statues of Roman gods and decorated city hall courtyard.

The interior of the town hall even more luxurious than its exterior. Thus, the armorial decoration of the hall has been preserved from the reign of Louis XIV, the painted ceilings were executed in the XVII-XIX centuries, and the walls around the main staircase represent scenes of the Lyon fire, which occurred during the time of Nero. They are written by the French painter and sculptor Thomas Blanchet in the XVII century. In the interior you can also see the carved furniture, the stucco decoration of walls and ceilings.

In 1886, the town hall received the status of national historical monument.