/ / Reims Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts de Reims)

Reims Museum of fine arts: photos, description (Musee des beaux-arts de Reims)

Museum of fine arts in Reims was among those cultural institutions that were created after the French revolution. As a rule, the basis of the collections of these museums were confiscated valuables and works of art.

Museum in Reims was founded in 1794 and was at first housed in the city hall. But later his collection was significantly replenished by donors and donations, so in 1913, the Museum was moved to a building on the territory of the former monastery of Saint-Denis. Earlier this building housed the Seminary, but in the years before the relocation of the Museum, it was abandoned.

During the twentieth and current century collection of the Notre-Dame Museum was again expanded, and now for her to build a new building it is anticipated that it will be building a modern appearance, and its construction will end in 2018. To accommodate the new Museum will be near Marcovich gate.

But while the Museum takes visitors to the Abbey of Saint-Denis by the works created in the Renaissance and subsequent epochs until the present day. In separate rooms display paintings and sculptures that represent large time periods. So, the entire first floor is dedicated to the art of the twentieth century, including the symbolists, Dadaists, Cubists, Surrealists, representatives of art Deco, abstract art and other areas. The second floor is devoted to masters of the XVII-XIX centuries, who lived in France and Holland. It is also worth noting the exposition, devoted to religious art of the past century and a painting of the XVI century.

Among the artists represented in the Museum of Reims - older and younger Cranage, Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Jacques-Louis David, Francois Boucher and many others.

In addition to paintings there are sculptures, prints, furniture, ornaments, pictures and other works of art.