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Reims Cathedral: photos, description (Notre-Dame de Reims)

Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Reims one place, without exaggeration, legendary. Here at the end of V century Holy Remigi dubbed the king of Franks Clovis I, and then, starting from IX century until the XIX, in the temple held the ceremony of the coronation of French kings - from Louis the Pious in 816 year to Charles X in 1825. The Cathedral is also recognized as a fine example of Gothic architecture and a monument protected by UNESCO.

The first religious building, which appeared on this spot, dates from the V century - the Church was built on the foundations of the Roman baths and were already dedicated to our lady. The construction of the present building of the Cathedral began in the XII century, after the old building burned down. The work lasted about a hundred years.

During this century over the appearance of the Cathedral had alternately to work for several architects. Jean d Orba belongs to the transept and the choir, Jean de Lou built the Western facade, also participated Gaucher de Reims, Bernard de Soissons, and Robert de coucy. The construction and decoration of the Church continued in the following century, however, the building itself and its decoration was seriously damaged during the First world war. The actions of the German troops towards the cultural and religious values was so barbaric that even prompted the writer Romain Rolland to publish an article "In defence of the altars." Immediately after the war began the restoration of the Cathedral which was not completed for the current century.

The height of the Cathedral is 87 meters. Its facade is richly decorated with statues of kings - only figures, there are 56, including Clovis I, who is depicted together with Bishop Remigius and his wife Clotilde. Over the entrances to the temple are placed sculptures of biblical scenes with the participation of the mother of God, Jesus Christ, St. John, martyrs, and angels, and scenes of the last judgment and the Apocalypse.

The Windows of the Cathedral decorated with stained glass Windows, some of which are original, created in the XIII-XIV century, and the rest of the restored, created by modern masters.