/ / Remiremont Abbey: photos, description Abbaye de Remiremont)

Remiremont Abbey: photos, description Abbaye de Remiremont)

This Abbey in the Middle ages consisted of two communities - male and female, but later in the monastery were only nuns. The women's monastery in Remiremont is now.

The Abbey is located in the historic centre of Remiremont, situated in the Vosges Department of the Lorraine region. The city and the Abbey was named in honor of the founder of the monastery - St. Romania, who lived in the VII century and was a disciple of Saint Columban preacher, arrived in Europe from Ireland.

The monastery belonged to the Benedictine order and enjoyed the patronage of the kings of the Franks, the ashes of one of the ancestors of Charlemagne was buried in the crypt of the Abbey. Summer residence of the kings was also near the Abbey.

In the XIII century the Abbey acquired the status of Imperial and was formally independent but was actually under the influence of the Dukes of Lorraine. During this period, the monastery was built the Church consecrated in the name of St. Peter and the current, and beneath it was a crypt of the XI century. In XVI-XVII centuries of priors of the monastery was also determined by the Dukes of Lorraine, and these ladies, in spite of the monastic orders, were quite secular privileges - for example, could even marry.

In the XVIII century in the complex of the Abbey was built the Palace of priors and the bell tower, but at the end of the century, these and other buildings were seized by the new government from the Church. Earlier, the Abbey lost its Imperial status.