/ / Roman amphitheatre: photos, description, Amphitheatre d Arles)

Roman amphitheatre: photos, description, Amphitheatre d Arles)

The Roman amphitheatre in Arles, created as a place of spectacle and entertainment, at the end of VI century was turned into a fortress, and today it is the largest city in the ancient structure with the highest degree of safety.

It was built approximately in the first century and could hold up to 25 thousand spectators. His face was reproduced image of a classic Roman amphitheatre - like the Coliseum in Rome, which was built in the first century, but was more roomy - it was located up to 50 thousand people.

The width of the amphitheatre in Arles was 107 m, length - 136 meters and a height of over 20 meters. The design of the amphitheater, there were 60 arched openings, four of which were wider than the others (about five meters), served as the main entrance. For the audience it was intended 34 tiers of seats.

At the end of VI century the appearance and purpose of the amphitheatre changed - was founded by some arched openings, and built four towers. Arena, which held the gladiators, was the town square, and inside the amphitheatre was built two chapels and several dozen dwellings. The resettlement of the inhabitants of the amphitheatre began only after ten centuries on the orders of king Francis I, who during a visit to Arles saw the condition of remains of an antique construction, and it ended only in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Part in the future of the amphitheatre was taken by prosper mérimée, which was not only a talented writer but also an inspector of historical monuments and was engaged in compiling an inventory of the ancient monuments. During the restoration of this monument were dismantled one of the four towers.

Currently, the Arles amphitheater, as the Romans, serves as a venue for entertainment events - performances, Opera productions and bullfights. The amphitheatre is tightly surrounded by buildings of later construction, and the tower at the entrance offers views of the districts of Arles.