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Rodman: photos, description (Rodemack)

Rodman one of the communes of the Lorraine Department of Moselle. One of the closest to Romaco cities - Mets. In the municipality live more than a thousand people who support the glory Romaca as one of the most beautiful villages of France, where the municipality is included since 1987.

Rodman located on the so-called land of the "three borders", where converge the borders of France, Germany and Luxembourg, so the municipality and its architecture influenced by different cultures.

In the municipality of the fragments of the former city fortifications - in particular, earthworks, erected in the XV century, and gates, built a century earlier. In addition, at the end of the last century in Rodmaker was recreated medieval garden surrounding the ancient castle. Features of this garden was a simple geometric plan, in some segments which were located several small gardens, with its own specifics. So, in one of the small gardens of the inhabitants of the middle Ages grew vegetables, and in the other medicinal plants, the third - spicy and aromatic herbs, while the fourth grew flowers to delight the eye.

It should be noted that in the Moselle in the whole of Lorraine are just two of the villages were included in the Association's most beautiful villages. Romaca in addition, there is also part of the commune of Saint-Kieren. To represent how well small towns of France are selected in this "private club", let's mention that in the same Department of the Moselle, there are more than seven hundred communes.