/ / The Rouen Palace of justice: a photo, description Palais de justice de Rouen)

The Rouen Palace of justice: a photo, description Palais de justice de Rouen)

The appearance of the building, more reminiscent of carved ivory box that makes you think about the possessions of a wealthy nobleman or noblewoman. However, a beautiful Palace built in the tradition of Gothic architecture and is a rare example of secular Gothic architecture, was erected for the meetings of the regional Council of Normandy in the late XV - early XVI century.

The Parliament of Normandy used to be called the Chamber of the chessboard - the name adopted for the main financial authority in medieval England. For estimates obtained tax used cloth in the cage that resembles a Board for playing chess. Parliament regional body became known only in the XVI century.

The Lacy appearance of the Palace was conceived and implemented by architects Roland de Roux and Roger Ango. The architects decorated the Palace of fine towers and spires, figures of chimeras, gargoyles, other sculptural and relief images. The Palace complex consists of three buildings forming a courtyard. In this courtyard is a synagogue building of the XII century, the city belonged to the Jewish community. In the West wing of the Palace is its main room - the former public Prosecutor's room, remarkable high Lancet arch.

On the walls of the building you can see signs of damage by shrapnel during the Second world war. The restorers deliberately left them as a testimony reminiscent of the war and shelling.

Currently, within the walls of Rouen Palace of justice housed in museums, industry and art, and a library containing more than 130 thousand ancient volumes. In addition, the Palace holds the trial and the activities of scientific communities.

In Rouen the part of the Palace of justice goes out of Joan of Arc, one of the main city.