/ / The ruins of the Abbey Landevennec: photos, description (Ancienne abbaye de Landevennec)

The ruins of the Abbey Landevennec: photos, description (Ancienne abbaye de Landevennec)

In the year 485 Breton monk named Gwenole decided to go to Ireland and there to venerate the relics of St Patrick, but instead he was one of the apostles and reported that Gwenole have to establish a monastery in his native Brittany, and is therefore better for him not to go.

Gwenole heeded the words of the Apostle, and so was founded the Abbey Landevennec located on the lands of the commune Landevennec in the Breton Department of finistère. Currently, in the Finistère, you can find two of the Abbey called Landevennec, one of them was built in the middle of the last century, and the second, founded by Guenole and closed at the end of the XVIII century, is in ruins attributed to historical monuments.

Holy Gwenole was also known as the character of the Breton legend of the sunken city of ker-Is, the king Gradlon and founded Quimper. It plays the role of the Holy unenviable: he ordered Gradlon stood by him during the sea voyage, adrift daughter of the Unicorn, guilty of the destruction of the city of ker-Is.

In the ninth century, king Louis the Pious bade the monks of the Abbey to accede to the Statute of the Benedictine order. In the same century the monastery several times to attack the Normans, and in the beginning of the tenth century it was burned. Some monks managed to escape, rescue some valuables and take refuge in Normandy, where they founded a new monastery.

Abbey, Landevennec was restored in the XI century, and that this time dated his ruin. To the beginning of the French revolution in the convent was only a few monks, so the revolutionaries confiscated the monastery, and then sold to private individuals. The monastery changed owners several times, and it was a big minus for him, since none of the owners have not bothered upgrading or maintaining.