/ / Ruins of the castle of Montrichard: photo, description Chateau de Montrichard)

Ruins of the castle of Montrichard: photo, description Chateau de Montrichard)

The small town of Montrichard, is located 40 kilometers from Tura, was formed around built in the XI century castle. The castle bears the same name, but unfortunately, to date, remained in a dilapidated condition.

The castle of Montrichard was built by order of count of Anjou, the Third Fulica Nerra in that period was built a strong donjon, which was used as a fortification during the attacks of the Duke of Blois. In the XII century the castle was looted and in the end of XVI century by order of king Henry IV was dismantled. However, the ruins of the castle are currently very attractive for tourists attraction.

In 1877 the castle was included in the list of historical monuments of France. Now in its walls is a Museum where you can see objects from different historical eras - from ancient coins to medieval vehicles. The owner of the castle is the municipality.

Traveler interested in the castle of Montrichard, will see the ruins of the donjon and the former castle chapel, which stands at the foot of the tower. The chapel is also known as wedding venue in 1476 daughter of Louis XI, Jeanne and Louis of Orleans.

In addition, Montrichard is one of the twenty castles, standing on a popular tourist route called the "Road ladies". It covers the castles located in the triangle whose vertices are the cities of Orleans, Tours and Bourges. On the route are also located in Blois, Saumur, Amboise and Chateauroux. The total of all these castles, beautiful ladies that inspired poets and kings, with each of the locks associated a love story, intrigue or outstanding work.

The town of Montrichard, in addition to the ruins of the castle, could be interesting with its narrow winding streets, old houses built of gray stone or half-timbered. In the surrounding area produce goat cheese and sparkling wine.