/ / The Thermae in Saintes: photo description (Thermes de Saint-Saloine de Saintes)

The Thermae in Saintes: photo description (Thermes de Saint-Saloine de Saintes)

French town St is located in the seaside district of the Poitou - Charentes region, West of the centre of the country. In antiquity, there lived a tribe of Marcel Pagnol, who founded a large settlement, traces of which were discovered during archaeological excavations. Largest surviving architectural structure of the time - arch of Germanicus 19 years. It is also worth noting a few refined ruins of a first century amphitheatre and the baths, which were erected already at the end of this century.

Roman baths were an integral part of this ancient culture, and because the baths in Saint enjoyed great popularity until the Roman Empire still had influence over the area. However, with the beginning of its decline - during the Late antiquity, the Saint began to suffer from the raids of barbarian tribes, which sometimes led to the partial destruction of urban buildings. Then the baths fell into disrepair, but was not yet finally abandoned. With the spread of Christianity it was decided to convert this place into a Church, consecrated in honor of St. Salhuana, then the baths got its second name - Thermes de Saint-Saloin.

It is believed that this place was formerly a caldarium pool with very hot water. It was only noticeable with the walls done in their niches. Many of the surviving stones are a later construction to the medieval Church of St. Saloane. It was destroyed in the XVI century and from that time was not restored any more. In the course of numerous excavations have found human burials and ancient sarcophagi, which suggests that the site was subsequently converted into a city cemetery.