/ / The ruins of three castles: photos, description (Les 3 Chateaux de Haut-Eguisheim)

The ruins of three castles: photos, description (Les 3 Chateaux de Haut-Eguisheim)

Castle Dagsburg is one of the three medieval castles located close to the Alsatian town of Eguisheim, Eastern France. Now this architectural complex was in ruins.

It is worth noting that only in this place stood three castles, the oldest of them is called Varenburg. The first documentary mention of it relates to 1006, and after twenty years it was first besieged. Dagsburg was built in the XII century, and, accordingly, the third lock, Vermund is the most "young" - it was built in the XIII century. Among the owners of castles there are a lot of famous figures of Medieval times, for example, count Eberhard, the founder of a large Abbey of Marbach or even Pope Leo IX, formerly known as Bruno d ' Eguisheim. It was he, incidentally, built the castle chapel of St. Pancras in 1049-1054.

The entire complex was surrounded by a strong fortified wall, fortified with other defensive constructions, including located on the sides of a round tower, which also served as a prison. Unfortunately, all these buildings, except the chapel and the castle Dagsburg, was destroyed in 1466. At the same time put an end to the dominance of the genus Akishimo. Castle Dagsburg stood still for two hundred years, but eventually was abandoned and fell over time. The ruins over the centuries, overgrown with shrubs and even trees, and are now a quite a spectacular sight.

All three castles are on hills, which can be reached in half an hour from the city itself, however, the ascent can be quite steep in some places. You can also use the car - Parking nearby. Ruins of castles are open to the public all year round and admission is free. Climbing to the top of this hill you can admire a magnificent view of the plains and the settlement of Eguisheim, which is considered one of the most beautiful villages of France.