/ / Russian cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere russe de Menton)

Russian cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere russe de Menton)

Russian cemetery in Menton are located in the same place where once stood a castle, which gave rise to the whole city. The castle was built in the IX century by the count of Ventimiglia named Otho on the hill, which soon became known as "the mountain of Oton, and this name was later transformed into the word "Menton".

The first Russians appeared in Menton in the second half of the nineteenth century - many of them came here to heal from tuberculosis, but unfortunately, not all recovered and returned home. Treatment in health resorts of Menton were Russian officers, members of the Russo-Japanese war. Later, after the October revolution, at Mentone were to come from immigrants from Russia in search of asylum.

The Orthodox cemetery was established in 1880 and is adjacent to the graves of Catholics, and tombstones with inscriptions in the Russian language - with the graves of citizens of other States. Six years after the Foundation of the Russian cemetery was a chapel of the mother of God Joy of All who sorrow. It is also called the virgin of all sorrows chapel.

In the creation of the chapel was attended by the diplomat and painter Nikolai Yurasov, who developed the building project, the artist Ivan Kramskoy, wrote the altarpiece. The chapel has long stood abandoned, and even wanted to demolish, but was eventually found opportunities for its restoration, which took place just a few years ago.

The Orthodox cemetery in Menton has a name - "the Old castle". It buried the artist Nikolai Gritsenko, Vice-Consul Nikolai Yurasov, Prince Peter troubetzkoy, representatives of other well-known in pre-revolutionary Russia of noble family, naval officers. Until recently, there rested the remains of the Admiral, the Russian Minister Ivan Grigorovich, who, according to the will of the deceased was moved to the family tomb of Grigorovich at one of the cemeteries of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in St. Petersburg.