/ / The Russian cemetery of Cocad: photos, description (Cimetiere de Caucade)

The Russian cemetery of Cocad: photos, description (Cimetiere de Caucade)

Cemetery Kokad - the second largest Russian cemetery in France (after Paris Saint-Genevieve-des-Bois). It has found a resting place more than three thousand Russian. Many of these names are the pride of Russia.

In the mid-nineteenth century Cote d'azur is loved by the Russian aristocracy. The rest are members of the Royal family, nobles, writers and artists. In 1860, nice has opened its first Orthodox Church, there is a need in the cemetery. A suitable location was found: in the Western part of the city king at the time, bought a plot of land to put an artillery battery to protect coal Russian military base in nearby Villefranche-sur-Mer. The Emperor gave the land for the cemetery opened in 1867.

Here laid the chapel, the funds for construction which was given by the Countess Anna Tolstaya (nee Khilkov) in memory of her husband, who died in nice. The chapel was dedicated to St. Nicholas, the heavenly patron of the heir to the Russian throne, Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich died in 1865 in nice from tuberculous meningitis.

In this ground lie the remains of several generations of Russian noble families of the brilliant century of the Empire, the refugees-the first wave of immigrants, their descendants. Here are Golitsyns, Gagarins, the Naryshkins, Obolensky, Volkonsky. In the cemetery are buried the white General Nikolai Yudenich, one of the creators of the image of Kozma prutkov poet Vladimir Zhemchuzhnikov, Prince and Princess Kochubey (who built the mansion, which now houses the Museum of fine arts), artist Philip Malyavin, count Sergey Stroganov, the researcher of Siberia Alexander Sibiryakov. And there are also hundreds of less well-known names of the exiles from their native land.

The cemetery is located on a hill, walk on it is easy: the tracks resemble a steep staircase. Dozens of tall cypress trees cast a shadow on the graves. Behind the concrete wall, the noise of planes taking off and landing of the aircraft is: close to nice airport. The grave will not name especially well groomed. For decades they were taken care of Prikhod Svyato-Nikolaevskiy Cathedral: it is installed in the temple entrance fee and the proceeds kept churchyard. However, after a lengthy trial the Church was transferred to the Russian Orthodox Church, the source has dried up. Now the cemetery is open only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Shcherbatykh names on the gravestones remind us of a time when the inhabitants of nice flocked to see the passage of Russian princes along the Boulevard of Russian Empress, when there were published in two Russian Newspapers, when Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was walking through the local waterfront. And how this "winter capital" of Russian once became for them last drop of their native land on the hill Coked.