/ / Fishing port: a photo, a description (Port des Pecheurs)

Fishing port: a photo, a description (Port des Pecheurs)

Biarritz, situated on the South-West of France in the Aquitaine region, has established itself as a major balneological seaside resort where the elite of European society in the late XIX - early XX centuries. However, at the time of its founding Biarritz was a simple fishing village, the main occupation of which was to hunt whales. It originates from the XI century, and from that era there are only the old port district (Port-Vieux), also known as fishing port (Port des Pêcheurs). During the middle Ages it was one of the two main residential areas of the settlement. The port is located in a tiny Cove.

In 1780 was built a new, more modern port, and the restoration of the old was delayed almost a hundred years old, and started already in the mid-nineteenth century along with the massive development and transformation of the city in a luxury seaside resort. In 1865 on the highest rock was a statue of the blessed virgin Mary, and then was restored, the old port, located a few meters from the cliff. The work was done in hard, so as to protect the ancient building from the strong tidal waves had to be equipped with a solid stone dam. But now this secluded Cove has become a favorite place for swimming, especially in calm weather. However, it should be noted that the port is still navigable here and moor pleasure boats and real fishing boats.

Fishing port has become a quiet oasis of antiquity in the noisy modern sea promenade. It is surrounded by old fishermen's houses on the first floor which opened a cozy cafe and restaurants operating in the warm season the terrace. Here you can taste the freshest seafood in the city.

From the viewing platforms of the port stunning views of the rock of the virgin Mary, the largest beach, Grand Beach, with its famous casino and the Church of St. Eugene, built at the junction of the XIX and XX centuries.