/ / The market area of the Vieux-Marche: photo, description, Place du Vieux-Marche)

The market area of the Vieux-Marche: photo, description, Place du Vieux-Marche)

The story of Rouen closely connected with the history of the national heroine Joan of Arc. The town has a Museum, a street, a tower and a Church named after her, as well as several attractions that have a direct relationship to the events that happened in Rouen in the first half of the XV century.

In may of 1431 on the Old market square (or the square of the Vieux Marché) held a public execution maid of Orleans. The heroine of the hundred years war was burned alive, her ashes were scattered to the winds, and the heart, according to local legend, was thrown into the waters of the Seine. After a very short time (just two and a half centuries) is executed, Jeanne was justified, but in the beginning of XX century was recognized as a Saint in 1909, the Catholic Church recognized her as blessed and in 1920 its canonization took place.

In the second half of the XX century on the Old market square, a Church was built, consecrated in her name, and the place of execution and place where there were judges, were marked with a stele in the form of a stone cross and white stones.

The Church Jeanne d'arc was built in 1979 on the site of another temple, which was destroyed during the war. The architect of the new building became Louis Arrets, which could "fit" in his image stained-glass Windows preserved from the previous Church.

On the South side of the square is a Museum dedicated to the life of Joan of Arc. It contains the portrait of the heroine, written during her life in 1429, as well as documents of the time, armor, other images of Joan and the events of the hundred years war.

The old market square, even despite so many historical monuments and attractions, continues to live up to its name - there is still the municipal market. The framing square to serve half-timbered houses.