/ / Garden Atlantic: photos, description (Jardin Atlantique)

Garden Atlantic: photos, description (Jardin Atlantique)

Atlantic garden is an amazing place, combining the achievements of engineering technology and landscape design. It was opened in 1994 on the roof of the Gare Montparnasse - literally on the roof.

At the station, even the most modern, the person is in some tension: it is necessary not to miss the train, not to lose things... And then climb on vosemnadtsatimetrovoy height and be in a quiet, green, beautiful place. And safe - the designers have thought of everything, like a concrete platform to hold the garden in three and a half acres. The platform stands on twelve concrete piles; a layer of fertile soil in the garden is just 20 centimeters below the weight load was too great. Large trees grow in special niches in those piles. 130 holes in the platform provide good ventilation station and car Park, located at the bottom.

And on top of the garden. Bottom it is absolutely not visible, and many can't even find it. Boulevard Vaugirard street and Komandan Rene Mouchot there are elevators, but the easiest way is the stairs inside the station building.

Because the trains from here go to Brittany, to the Atlantic ocean, called the Atlantic garden. Landscape designers Francois Brun and Michel Pena decorated in marine style with wooden sidewalks reminiscent of the deck of the ship; all that you can, an undulating track, grills, benches, lots of blue, white and purple flowers.

Located on different levels, the garden consists of two parts - Eastern and Western. In the East the thick lush vegetation, nooks, mazes, five small, themed gardens. Spikes grasses, grow ferns, leaning weeping willows, the fragrance of the Maritime pines reminiscent of the coast. The Western part is not for romance and meditation, there are playgrounds, five tennis courts, ping-pong, Solarium (in its original meaning - that is, open space for sunbathing).

In the middle of the Central alley is a square Island of the Hesperides with the strange construction work of the sculptor Jean-max Llorca - fountain of the Hesperides. It consists of a giant meteorological instruments - thermometer, anemometer, rain gauge and weather vane and a large swinging mirror that reflects sunlight into the pool of the fountain.

Soaking up the sunshine and breathing in the floral aroma, you can not be afraid that you'll miss the train - thanks to the ventilation shafts, almost everywhere is heard the station announcement. And if you have time, it's nice to visit the Museum of the Liberation of Paris - it is right there in the garden.