/ / Garden in memory of Princess Diana: a photo, a description (Le Jardin Clos de la Princesse de Galles)

Garden in memory of Princess Diana: a photo, a description (Le Jardin Clos de la Princesse de Galles)

Surprisingly, but in Paris there is a monument to Princess Diana. Diana, whose death shocked millions of people around the world, died in Paris on 31 August 1997, when a black Mercedes, driving away her and Dodi al Fayed from the paparazzi, crashed into a support tunnel under the bridge Alma.

People, brought armfuls of flowers to the crash site, discovered that the tunnel to put them is impossible, and folded to the foot of the Flame of Freedom. A sculpture of the torch of the statue of Liberty, symbolizing the Franco-American friendship stands directly above the tunnel at the entrance to the bridge. However, until now most tourists who come here, thinking that it is a monument to Princess Diana. I understand why - other monument in Paris, no. A modest garden in memory of the Princess nobody knows.

This garden specific destination (the children's nature center opened in the Marais district, on the street-Blanc Manto, 21, a few years after the death of Diana. At the opening, which was not magnificent, was not present none of the members of the Royal family, was the only British Ambassador, read a letter of thanks from Buckingham Palace.

Many criticized the choice of memorable places called future garden of 1000 square meters leek", saying that Diana deserves better than a garden in her honor. But the mayor of Paris explained, is a tribute to the woman whose kind heart was full of love for nature and children. In addition, the concept was approved and the Royal family and the Spencers - native family of Diana.

The garden is located behind the elementary school and on weekdays, is closed to visitors - children learn there environment. But on a weekend day it's open. It is quiet, peaceful, green place, and there really is a garden in which grow 250 species of herbs, spices and medicinal plants. About Diana reminiscent of the sign above the rose Bush at the entrance, which reads: "rose "Princess of Wales". So the name of this variety of roses bred in the UK in 1997.