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The Tuileries garden: photos, description (Tuileries)

The Tuileries garden lies in the heart of Paris, between Concorde and the Louvre. It is the largest and oldest Park of the capital in the French style, a favorite place for Parisians.

Five hundred years ago here, behind the walls of the Louvre fortress, stood on the outskirts with a public dump. Here was mined the clay for the tiles, hence the name of the place (French clay - tuile).

The first Park staged here in 1564 at the request of Catherine de ' Medici, he was in the Italian style. Even after a hundred years, Colbert has decided to reschedule the Park, giving it a more national character. To this end, he invited the chief Royal gardener andré Le nôtre, Creator of Versailles. He radically changed the appearance of the garden, rebuilt the banks of the Seine, which became an integral part of the Tuileries, made a great flowerbeds and pools, wide paved alley, passing in the street - Champs-élysées and Rue de Rivoli.

In the time of Louis XIV, the garden became accessible to the public. There were benches, a café, public toilets. However, king is more interested in Versailles, and the gardens gradually fell into some disrepair. In 1871 the fire killed located then the Palace of the Tuileries - it was burned by the Paris commune, the building was disassembled.

Really, the Tuileries was restored only in the late XX century, during the reconstruction of the Louvre. In two identical buildings in the Western part of the garden, is a Museum of modern art with a magnificent collection of impressionist d'orsay and the Museum of art of the XIX century. In the Park you can see many marble and bronze statues from different eras. In the Tuileries gardens often hosts exhibitions of sculpture, here in the open air were exhibited works by Rodin, Moore, Cragg. In the Park near the arch Carousel rich collection of the sculptures of Maillol.

The Tuileries is not only a cultural center but also a great place to stay. The entrance to the garden is free, you can free to take traditional French iron chair and sit anywhere they want. For children there is a huge Ferris wheel, which offers a wonderful view.