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Saler: photo description (Salers)

Features of the commune of Salers is produced here of the eponymous cheese, a bit gloomy appearance due to the volcanic rock dark grey, almost black in color, which are composed of houses and several historical buildings.

Municipality located in the Department of Cantal (Auvergne region) in the plateaus of the Cantal volcanic origin. The village is home to about four hundred people, Saler included in the list of the most beautiful villages of France.

The most ancient sights of Salers are dated the XII century, but there are buildings XV-XVI centuries. To the twelfth century belongs the founding of the local Church of St. Matthew, and the building dates back to XV-m. In the Church you can see the tapestries of the XVII century and an ancient portal. The building, built in the XV century and known as "the House of the Templars" is now the ethnographic Museum with an interesting collection of works of sacred art, also it presents the history of the local cheese-making and pharmaceutical craft. Attractions related, and other mansions of Salers - the former courthouse, home Florac, Read and Barges, each of which has its architectural features or decorated with distinctive decor.

The main area of Salers was named after Ernest Tissandier - it brought salerskaya breed of cows from which milk and cheese Salers. Cheese is the main local specialty, so the requirements for its manufacture are very strict: for this summer only use milk obtained from cows of the same breed. Cheese, double-pressed and aged from three months to a year and a half. But the secret salerskaya cheese is to use a special kind of bacteria that make it taste special, and the crust is covered with cracks and ruts.