/ / San Antonino: photos, description (Sant'antonino)

San Antonino: photos, description (Sant'antonino)

San Antonino is one of the villages on the island of Corsica, which originated as a fortified settlement. Such villages were built on the rocks, in remote places, and were built for protection from the attacks of the Saracens. In addition, San Antonio is one of the oldest villages of Corsica, as it was founded in the IX century. It is located in the Department Upper Corsica, and it is home to only about a hundred people.

San Antonio was one of the first was adopted in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France" (the year of its inclusion in this prestigious list coincides with the year of creation of the Association - 1982.

Village San Antonio is very compact is located at an altitude of five hundred metres above sea level, for which he received the unofficial nickname of "eagle's nest Corsica". In its vicinity are age-old olive groves, the sea and bask under the sun of the ancient stones. In the village itself - the narrow streets, sometimes quite steep climbing up, stone houses and unique comfort, which created the craftsmen who lived here.

It is clear that in order to visit only one village in Corsica hardly anyone will go. So the island is ready to generously share and other natural and historical attractions such as the archipelago Sanganer, nicknamed Bloody Islands for a special color of the stones and rocks, a national Park with cliffs-Calanques near Piana, the Scandola nature reserve, UNESCO and all the riches of culture and art, which are stored in the cities of Ajaccio, Bonifacio and Bastia.