/ / Sanguinaires Islands: photos, description (Archipel des Sanguinaires)

Sanguinaires Islands: photos, description (Archipel des Sanguinaires)

Its name Sanguinaires Islands (or Shengenskie) received due to its picturesque view at sunset. Islands, the folded nature of pink porphyry, at the end of the day and have a rich red hue, and so they became known as Bloody (in French sang, sanguine - blood). Gossip also attributed to the Islands of the great amount of spilled blood, particularly during the Corsican vendettas - the local custom of blood revenge.

Sanguinary is a small archipelago of four Islands, located near Corsica, in a small Bay on the West coast. The closest city - Ajaccio.

On earth Sanguinaires Islands tourists may seem that they are in a desert place with pristine nature, undisturbed by human presence. In fact, the first man landed on Seminarah in the XVI century. In the nineteenth century writer Alphonse Daudet, who lived on the largest island of the archipelago Mazamari, wrote "Letters from my mill" - a work in which the twisted descriptions of the lives of ordinary people and nature of southern France, as well as local folklore. Currently, one of the Islands is a lighthouse and other features of the watchtower.

Sanguinary like not only people, but birds and it is home to rare species, and sea birds live on the Islands of whole colonies, nest and breed. Therefore, Sanguinary, except for travellers coming back and ornithologists.

To enjoy the beauty of the Sanguinaires Islands, you can watch the sunset on Caminero from the observation tower, located at Cape La Paraty, pass along the Islands on a yacht or rent a boat and devoted to the inspection of the Islands a few hours or a whole day.