/ / The sanctuary of Janus: photos, description Temple de Janus d Autun)

The sanctuary of Janus: photos, description Temple de Janus d Autun)

The temple of Janus in Autun called fragments of buildings, usually referred to in par with other urban sites of the Roman period - the gates of Arroux and St. Andre, a defensive wall and a Roman theatre and burial stone in the shape of a pyramid, called "Pierre de couhard (or stone Kwara). However, the sanctuary of Janus referred to the Roman constructions with clause - scientists still doubt its Roman origin.

Up to the present day building, called the temple of Janus, has been preserved in the form of remnants of two walls with a height of almost 25 meters length to 16 meters each. These ruins located in the Northern part of the ancient city of Augustodunum, where Autun is situated. These walls also believe the remains of a watchtower which was part of the complex of protective structures. Just similar towers around Augustodunum there were about two hundred, to date, remained only a fourth part of them.

The first city wall appeared in the times of the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus, was surrounded by an ancient settlement, which occupied an area of about two hundred acres. There are more than half of the protective walls and two of the four city gates - gate of Arroux, in the Northern part and the gate of Saint-andré in the Eastern part. From this gate started the two main streets are laid respectively from North to South and from East to West. The design of both gates were identical, but the gates of Saint-Andre over the centuries has undergone alterations, and therefore their appearance is different from the gate of Arroux.

Another attraction in Autun, the Roman theatre, which could accommodate about 20 thousand visitors and was the largest in Gaul. Its diameter was about 150 meters. Stone Pierre de couhard long remained a mystery to researchers, to date, it is considered that this 33-metre block was a tombstone and has been in the necropolis Champ de Boxes.