/ / St. Nicholas Cathedral: photo, description La Cathedrale orthodoxe russe Saint-Nicolas)

St. Nicholas Cathedral: photo, description La Cathedrale orthodoxe russe Saint-Nicolas)

Piously-the Nikolaev Cathedral in nice - the largest in Western Europe Orthodox Church. This part of Russian history, controversial and tragic.

The Cathedral stands on the site of the former Villa Bermon, where in 1865 he died the heir to the Russian throne, Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich. At the birth of a boy, his grandfather, the indomitable Nicholas I, was so moved by what I was told three of their younger sons, Grand Dukes Konstantin, Nicholas and Michael, immediately to swear fealty to the future king. When the eldest son of Emperor Alexander II grew up, I found that it has everything you need to the future monarch: mind, will, character, pleasant appearance. The young man received an excellent education and was willing to accept the burden of responsibility of the monarch of a huge country.

In 1864, the crown Prince went abroad (by tradition, the heirs have made two large introductory voyage: Russia and the world). During travel, the engagement took place dvadtsatiodnoletny Nicholas Alexandrovich with sixteen-year-old Danish Princess Dagmar. It was not only a dynastic marriage: the young people really loved each other.

To marry they were not meant to be. During a trip to Italy, the Prince has been ill for treatment, he stopped in nice at Villa Bermon. In the spring, his condition deteriorated. The doctors were powerless. To nice arrived promptly the Emperor Alexander II and Empress Maria (their train crossed Europe for 85 hours, an unprecedented speed for those years), but it was too late. 12 April 1865 the crown Prince in torments died. The reason for this is tuberculous meningitis.

To perpetuate the memory of his son, Alexander II decided to build the Villa Bermon chapel. This project was made Professor of the St. Petersburg Academy of arts David Ivanovich Grimm. Opened a marble memorial chapel in the Byzantine style in 1868. The municipality of nice, called near to her street Boulevard Prince.

In the early nineties of the XIX century the sprawling Russian community of nice, needed the temple of sufficient size. In memory of the untimely deceased Imperial couple took the patronage over the construction of a new Church. It was erected next to the chapel at the Russian architect Mikhail Kalashnikov Transfiguration in 1912. The Holy Synod decided that the temple of the Cathedral.

Cathedral built on the model of the five-domed Moscow churches of the XVII century. For masonry walls using light brown brick German, finish - made from local pink granite. Inside the Cathedral is a rich painting: magnificent iconostasis and the Royal doors, the reliquaries, many frescoes. In the crypt is the Museum of the Russian colony in nice.

The sun shining on the polychrome tiles of the Cathedral visible from afar. In the South it seems nice piece of the former Russian land, migrated to the shore of the Mediterranean sea. Near the Cathedral is the bust of Prince Nicholas Alexandrovich, set in 2012. Monuments surrounded by lush greenery: in the nineteenth century the power of nice has decided to commemorate the Russian heir never develop this land. The decision remains in force.