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The ségur: photo description (Seguret)

Provence is one of the regions in France that can boast the highest number of villages included in the list of the most beautiful. Another Provencal villages included in the Association - Segur, located in the Department of Vaucluse. It is relatively close to the mountain ridge of the Dentelle de Montmirail and the Ventoux peaks, on the banks of the ouvèze river. One of the closest towns - Avignon.

In the commune population less than a thousand people. Place, which formed the village of Segur, was inhabited during the period of Roman influence, by this time discovered the statue of the God Jupiter and the Roman Pantheon - Sylvanus, God of forests, who also was recognized as the patron Saint of fields and vineyards.

Viticulture and winemaking for many centuries are the main occupations of inhabitants of Ségur, so the surrounding land is covered with vineyards, in the commune, you can look in one wine cellar. The vineyards around the commune are considered to be the oldest in this part of France.

It is known that in the beginning of VII century on the site of the current Segur was founded a convent. Preserved in the village's historic structures were built at a later time Church of St Denis in the tenth century, the bell tower in the XVI-m, and a fountain decorated with bas-reliefs-mascarons, appeared in Ségur in the XVII century. In the center of Segur you can also see the medieval Laundry (Lavoir), the stone-paved streets and gates, the ruins of a medieval castle.