/ / The Selles-sur-cher: photo, description, (Selles-sur-Cher)

The Selles-sur-cher: photo, description, (Selles-sur-Cher)

The Selles-sur-cher - the name are a small town in the Department of Loire and cher, a medieval castle in the Loire valley and delicious goat cheese produced in this area.

Travelers to this town attract, for the most part, many cheese and their delicious products. Cheese Selles-sur-cher are doing here since the end of XIX century. In General, production of this cheese is the former historical province of Solon and the village of the same name - the place where it was first obtained. The features of this cheese - blue mould and a crust of dark color, which is obtained, obmazyvat of the head is very small crumbs of charcoal. In the town and next to it are six large dairy companies and several dozen smaller enterprises, some of them can be visited with a guided tour to see the process of making the delicacy and enjoy it.

The castle of Selles-sur-cher was built in the XVII century on the site of a fortress erected in the thirteenth century. Inside the castle is a Museum which presents the life, traditions and crafts of the valley of the river cher. Near the castle is a Park and there is a small farm. The castle has been recently restored.

In addition, the town of Selles-sur-cher, there are other attractions such as the Abbey of St. Eutyches from the Church of Notre-Dame-La-Blanche or stone bridge across the river Aldre. The Abbey was built in the XVII-XIX century, it is based on the site of the monastery of the VI century. It contains the remains of St. Eutyches, from jewelry interesting bas-reliefs with images on them biblical scenes.

The bridge over the river is the junction with berry canal, previously derelict, but now it is being actively restored to attract more tourists. Sightseeing and visit to the cheese dairies in the Selles-sur-cher can also be combined with active fishing and rafting.