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Semur-EN-Brionnais: photo description (Semur-en-Brionnais)

Semur-EN-Brionnais is a commune of the most beautiful villages of France, located in the Department of saône-et-Loire region of Burgundy. One of the neighboring towns - Macon. The village is home to about six and a half hundred people.

The main attraction of this small village - Church of St. Hilary, which makes Semur-EN-Brionnais one of the important centers of Romanesque architecture. The Church is one of the later works of the Romanesque style, so we can say that it is concentrated all the experience and the characteristics of this architectural direction, the X-XII centuries.

The Church was built in the middle of the XII century and was consecrated by the name of Hilary, Bishop of Poitiers, who lived in the IV century. Since the XIII century the Church was ruled by a College of canons, and therefore received the status of a peer. The building of the temple was repeatedly damaged - in the years of the hundred years war, and during the religious conflicts. One of the foremost of its elements is recognized as the portal, decorated with bas-relief, in which he portrayed the vision of John the Revelator of the Apocalypse.

Near the temple stands the castle of X century Chateau Saint-Hugh, which preserved the donjon and two towers. Also in Semur-EN-Brionnais there was a monastery of Saint Hugh.

Like many other most beautiful villages of France, Semur-EN-Brionnais is your dominant color - in the form of the commune the most white, as the houses and historical buildings were made of local limestone.