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Saint-veran: photo, description, (Saint-Veran)

The Saint-Veran since 1939, is a ski resort. In the winter flock here lovers of winter sports and during summer and other times of the year guests of Saint-Veran can enjoy Hiking in the mountains. Commune located in the Hautes-Alpes Department of the Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. Saint-Veran is home to about 260 people. The village is a member of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".

Height above sea level, which is a commune, more than two thousand meters, and the topmost point from which skiers start, located at an altitude of 2800 meters. The difference in height on the tracks near Saint-veran is more than thousand meters, and the longest trail is almost ten miles. The resort built for athletes with different levels of training, there are also conditions for learning.

In addition to the title of the most beautiful villages, Saint-veran has the title of one of the highland villages of the country. Local architectural feature is a house, built of timber and stones. On the streets often meet old fountains, which are filled with water from local sources, and not less ancient furnace that the inhabitants of the commune are still using for baking bread.

In the village you can see several churches - Saint-veran, Saint-agate and the Protestant Church of the early XIX century. In the commune also created a Museum of rural life, covering the period from the XIX to the XX century. Among the other attractions of the commune, an ancient sundial and the Observatory, founded at the end of the last century.