/ / Saint-Guillem-Le-Desserts.:, (Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert)

Saint-Guillem-Le-Desserts.:, (Saint-Guilhem-le-Desert)

The main attraction of the village of Saint-Guillem-Le-Desserts. - this Abbey, founded in the early ninth century Guillaume Gelaskin. During the life of this worthy man was a cousin and ally of Charlemagne, and was a grandson of Charles Martel. Guillaume took part in military battles and even possessed a Ducal title, but at one point decided to dedicate his life to serving the Lord. He went to these lands and founded a monastery (the village's name, incidentally, translates as "Deserts of the Holy Guillaume").

Guillaume died in the year 812, a few years after the founding of the Abbey, and was buried in the crypt of the monastery Church. The crypt was only discovered in the second half of the last century, but dust Guillaume in it lie also the remains of his two sisters. Another relic of the Abbey, a fragment of the Holy cross, also associated with the name Guillaume is the relic he gave to Charles the Great to the newly founded monastery.

Part of the Holy cross drew to the Abbey of Saint-Guillem-Le-Desserts. many of the pilgrims who followed the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. During the religious wars, the Abbey suffered from the onslaught of Huguenots, and during the great French revolution, its buildings and lands were secularized and given over to workshops.

The beginning of the XIX century was marked by the former monastery of the strong flood. The monastery itself survived, but seriously injured the village, so the monastery began to serve as the "donor" building material. The last survivors in the years of the revolution, value was lost in this period. In the twentieth century, the Abbey was restored, gave him the status of a historical monument and a world heritage site by UNESCO.

In addition to the Abbey, in the village you can see the Prison tower is the surviving part of the local fortress. The tower was built in the XII century. Near the village are remains of a more ancient castle, which, according to local legend, lived the giant, defeated the Holy Guillaume.

Saint-Guillem-Le-Desserts. part of the Association the most beautiful villages of France located in the Herault Department of Languedoc - Roussillon. In the commune is home to about 270 people.