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Saint-Jean-de-côle: photo, description Saint-Jean-de-Cole)

Municipality of Saint-Jean-de-côle is a member of the most beautiful villages of France and also received the prize for the most beautiful roof. The roofs are covered with red tiles (this detail is typical for local places), but the houses themselves were built of stone, and some were built in half-timbered style in the XIV century.

Saint-Jean-de-côle river is Kohl and is located in the Dordogne Department of the Aquitaine region. Today it is home to less than four hundred people. In the nineteenth century when the village experienced a second birth in connection with the opening passing by the Railways, there were two times more residents. Some of the neighbouring cities of périgueux and brantôme.

In the village you can see a few buildings of the medieval period, including the XII century bridge over the river, declared a historical monument, the Church of St. John the Baptist and the castle Marton - both monuments also date back to the XII century, but was rebuilt in subsequent centuries. In addition, near the village in the XI century was built a monastery, reconstructed in the XVII century after the religious wars.

The Church of the commune once had the largest dome, but after two collapses in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the villagers decided to abandon such features. But the chorus of the Church is decorated with beautiful wooden carvings.

A few kilometers from Saint-Jean-de-côle is another castle Guminiak, built in the XIII century. In the XVII century the castle was rebuilt, and its walls were chambers, richly decorated in the image and likeness of the apartments of the Palace of Versailles.