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Saint-Kieren:, (Saint-Quirin)

Saint Kieran's is a picturesque old village on the North-East of France, in the Lorraine region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to about 800 people.

The settlement got its name in honor of St. Cyrene, one of the first Holy martyrs, who preached in the days of the Western Roman Empire - he died in the II century. In the city practically does not remain visible traces of that era, however, during the archeological excavations was discovered an ancient necropolis. The first documented mention of the village belongs to 966.

Authority of the city increased greatly in the twelfth century when there was built the Church of St. Cyrene, consecrated Bishop of Metz in 1123. This temple still exists today, but the medieval building has been preserved - the Cathedral was completely destroyed during the Thirty years war and has long lain in ruins. It was rebuilt in Baroque style in the XVIII century, in 1724. Exterior view of the Cathedral is very interesting - it is built of red Sandstone prevalent in the district of the Vosges. The Church is crowned with three elegant turrets with domes-cupolas.

It should be noted immediately that in the city there are 7 such churches, are made of the same red Sandstone, and is therefore known as the "Seven Roses". Of particular interest was another chapel is the oldest surviving structure in the city. According to legend, it was here that originally housed the relics of St. Cyrene. The first building of the temple belonged to the XI century, and the modern retains the appearance of a typical Romanesque Church of the XIII century.

Saint Kieran's is located on the slope of a high hill, and its streets are on different levels and therefore they are particularly steep and winding. By the way, both the main temple located on top of a hill that is at a height of 900 meters above sea level.