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Saint-léon-sur-vézère: photo, description Saint-Leon-sur-Vezere)

Saint-léon-sur-vézère is one of the communes of the Périgord Noir, the tourist district created on the territory of the former historical province of Perigord. A total of four district, each has a color name that is associated with the peculiarities of local nature and activity of the inhabitants. Thus, in the Black Périgord and the population is occupied mainly in agriculture, also grow here black oak, the wood of which has a dark color.

According to the official administrative division of Saint-léon-sur-vézère is located in the Department Dordogne, region Aquitaine. Surrounding cities of périgueux and Montignac. The municipality is part of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It resides just over four hundred people. The village stands on the river Weser.

The village retains its medieval appearance: there is almost not build new buildings and maintained in good condition already existing, built several centuries ago. One of the oldest buildings in the village - the Church of St. Leontius, built in the XII century on the site where once stood a Roman Villa. The Church belonged to the Benedictines, but during the religious wars, the Church was occupied by the Protestants. This structure was declared a historical monument.

When visiting Saint-Leon-sur-vézère, you can see two castles, one of which stands on the banks of the river is Chateau Kleran of the XVI century. The second castle, Chateau of Chaban, was built from the XIII to the XVI century. Another historical monument on the territory of the commune - estate La Salle (XV century), who is now a private residence.