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Saint-Robert: photo, description, (Saint-Robert)

Saint-Robert is a beautiful old village in the centre of France located in the Limousin region on the border with Aquitaine. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to slightly more than 300 people. St. Robert is part of the Central mountain range of France and because the settlement is located on a hill, the maximum altitude is 354 m above sea level. The nearest large town is Brive-La-Gaillarde is located 27 kilometers to the Southeast.

Saint-Robert is famous for its powerful fortified Church of St. Robert, which is called the "temple fortress". It was built on top of a hill in the XI-XII centuries, and since around it started to grow itself a small town. The first mention of the settlement refers to the year 1100.

During numerous wars the Church was badly damaged and after the collision with the Huguenots in 1586 was destroyed even its main nave. Restoration of construction the long-delayed and dragged on for another two hundred years. In addition, with the beginning of the French revolution the Church lost its religious significance - already in 1791 it was turned into an ammunition dump. In 1827 during the archeological excavations were found traces of ancient columns supporting the medieval nave. The Church was completely rebuilt in 1906. Despite the fact that the nave of the Church was rebuilt, retains some of the medieval parts of the building - these include a transept, a choir room with a dome over it and a few absid. The interior of the Cathedral is rather modest.

In addition, the city has preserved many of the stone houses, mansions, small chapels, artisan shops and other buildings Dating back to the middle Ages. Moreover, since 1972, every summer here is held the festival of classical and chamber music is one of the oldest in this region.